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Live: Marvel panel - 'Thor', 'Captain America', Guardians of the Galaxy'

Read our live coverage of the Marvel panel at Comic-Con, featuring Thor, Captain America, Guardians of the Galaxy and more.

It's safe to say that year in, year out the Marvel session in Hall H is one of the most anticipated panels of the entire Comic-Con lineup.

Last year was Iron Man-themed, complete with a suitably over-the-top performance from Robert Downey Jr, but this year the attention switches to the upcoming Thor and Captain America sequels, plus new property Guardians of the Galaxy.

Marvel are also renowned for surprises during their panel and this one is likely to be no different, with a possible reveal of the Phase Three lineup and maybe, just maybe, Vin Diesel being unveiled as Ant-Man?

Please note that all times in this live blog are Pacific, which is eight hours behind the UK and three hours behind the East Coast.

Massive roars from the crowd at that reveal as the Marvel panel comes to an end. Thanks for joining me today and do check in again tomorrow for the final day of Comic-Con, where we'll have panels for Supernatural, Breaking Bad and Doctor Who!

It's a very short teaser, the rotating iron Man mask and voiceovers from the first film. Final shot is a confirmation of the title: The Avengers: The Age of Ultron.

Whedon: "I don't really have anything to say, but I have one thing to add."

Feige: "There's only one more person here who wanted to come say hi. Joss Whedon!"

A clip from the early filming. Very impressive, considering they've only shot ten minutes of the film. Big cheers for Rocket. On first glance, Pratt's Star-Lord seems very comical, more reminiscent of Spider-Man in the latest franchise.

Michael Rooker: "I tell people that Merle is gone. He died two times in one episode, let him go. He's in a better place now."

"I was a little worried that I was going to look a little like an overgrown foetus, but it's liberating. Everyone here should shave their heads."

"I'm sorry I just had an urge, it just got the better of me!" Her wig is now somewhere in the crowd.

Love from the crowd for Gillan. Isn't Nebula bald? "Yes, she is. And I might have done something a little bit crazy." She takes off her ginger wig to reveal A SHAVED HEAD!!!

Who is Ronan The Accuser? Pace: "He's a very complicated … beast. He's an iconic character from Marvel since 1967. I don't want to say too much now because we're going to put it on the screen." That wasn't a cue for a clip, sadly.

How did Del Toro get involved? "James called me and asked if I'd read this story. It was a great story. It was very cool. I'm like, the new one here. I didn't come from London, I came from Los Angeles, I haven't started the movie yet. I've been meeting the cast for the first time like all of you."

Bautista: "I'm still at the point where I go to set every day and I can't believe I got this frickin' job. I fought really hard for this job. I wanted this job more than I wanted anything in my life. When I got the job I broke down and cried like a baby."

Saldana: "It's exciting. I've been blue once, so why not try green? I'm having a great time. I love being in space. Marvel create amazing movies, that give us as artists the opportunity to be challenged and be able to embody amazing characters."

"Star-Lord is like this guy who lives in space. He's like a jerky, had a hard time as a kid and now he goes around space making out with hot alien girls and just being a rogue and a bit of a jerk. Through teaming up with these guys, he finds a higher purpose for himself, to really care and fight and put his life on the line."

Pratt on his expanded physique: "I got the role six months ago and they were like great job, but you're too fat. Luckily they trusted me and got me a personal trainer."

Gunn: "In a way its no different than making an independent film. We are trying to do something new and different."

Apparently they literally flew in today for the panel and will be flying back to London tonight.

Out come cast members: James Gunn, Karen Gillan (Nebula), Lee Pace, Benicio del Toro (The Collector), Dave Bautista (Drax the Destroyer), Zoe Saldana (Gamora), Chris Pratt (Star-Lord)

He says that filming is underway in London and yesterday was day 13/14.

Anything new for people? Feige: "You like new things? Well, we try to plan years and years out. A lot of what we think about is, how many of these movies are we going to make? As long as they're new and fresh, hopefully they'll be interesting. We want something new, and that's why we announced Guardians of the Galaxy."

Applause for the cast of Winter Soldier. But what next?

Van Camp: "It's been awesome. It's a great character to play, and we had a lot of fun introducing this character"

Smulders: "This is picking up where we left off after the Avengers in New York. The world is still reeling from the reveal of aliens. SHIELD is trying to keep everybody in check. There's some new people coming on board and Maria's part is to try to find her way in this new world where we find ourselves.

Robert Redford - how? Joe Russo: "He's fantastic in it. The movie is really based on 70s thrillers, and he starred in so many of the great ones. Having him in the film makes it feel like it's come full circle."

Clip time. Summary: insane fight scene in a glass elevator.

Why Russos to direct? Feige: "These guys have been part of Arrested Development and other shows. I kept seeing their names again and again. Do you want me to talk about it or show you why I hired them?"

Mackie on Falcon: "I have wings and guns. That's all you need, right? We're handing out business."

Feige says the Winter Soldier part is "pretty close" to the original.

How does it feel every time the eye patch goes back on? Jackson: "Pretty badass." How does he view these people? "They are coworkers, subordinates in a sense. Instruments of justice. Tools. He does care. He and Steve have a way of talking because they're both warriors."

What's her relationship to Steve? Johansson: "They are a kind of unexpected..." Evans: "I'd say it's like an odd couple. We have different approaches to morality."

She adds: "This film is gritty. It's got some down dirty bare knuckle fighting."

How integral to the story is Natasha? Johansson: "Very. Obviously when we find these characters it's in a real time, so a couple years later. They have a shorthand between them. They are partners. These two characters who didn't really see a lot of interaction between them in Avengers, now have this relationship they've built."

Is Steve comfortable with our world yet? Evans: "It's not the technology, it's the societal differences. In the 40s it was more trusting, but today it's harder to know who's right and who's wrong. Sometimes the actions you have to take to protect against certain threats compromise our civil liberties."

How does it feel to go back and put on the suit? Evans: "It's getting better every time I put it back on. It's satisfying knowing the movies are good. It turns out Marvel knows what they're doing. Every time you put the suit back on you get really excited."

First out directors Joe and Anthony Russo, then cast members Frank Grillo, Emily van Camp, Cobie Smulders, Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan, Samuel L Jackson, Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans.

Feige: "The next one is Captain America: The Winter Soldier. We have not finished filming yet, we have one more week to go, but some people came by and wanted to say hi."

Feige: "I'm gonna say two words now. Tom. Hiddleston."

Then a trailer, in which Loki gets a slap and is told: "That was for New York."

Clip time. It's a full-on battle scene on a field, in which Thor defeats countless Knights.

"Say my name," he bellows, and the crowd chants "Loki!" Three times. "It seems I have an army. Feast your eyes."

"I am Loki of Asgaard. And I am burdened with glorious purpose. Stand back. The bright year of freedom diminishes your life's joy as man scrambles for a place in this chamber. In this meagre palace. The arena they call Hall H. You should have let me rule you when you had the chance. Yet here you are. Your ears yearn for untold stories, your eyes crave unseen sights, your imaginations ache and hunger. where are your Avengers now? Claim loyalty to me and I will give you what you need."

Out comes Marvel president Kevin Feige, What next? "We have a lot of things coming up next. We're in post production on a movie called Thor: The Dark World right now. " The lights go down and Loki comes over the speaker. "Humanity, look how far you've fallen. Lining up in the sweltering heat for hours, trundling together in the dark. Like beasts." There's a brilliant white light at the front of the stage and Loki is there, in full costume.

Out comes the moderator, Chris Hardwick, who's been tasked with most of the big panels here in H this weekend. "This is going to be entirely worth it," he promises.

"How many of you people have been here all day?" asks the organiser. Practically the whole room erupts. We've been here since 10am!

We're approaching fifteen minutes late and an applause is building.

It will come as no surprise to you that Hall H is at full capacity. We should be underway any moment now.

Big shout-out to Fox for the last session, by the way. Every attendee gets a special gift bag containing a Wolverine T-shirt, a Dawn of the Planet of the Apes T-shirt, a TRASK Industries hat and some posters. Generous.

If you missed my coverage of the X-Men panel just now, click here. Everyone here in Hall H was so excitedly tweeting away that it actually knocked off the Wifi for a while, so apologies if updates were a little slow coming through. Hopefully we won't have the same issue at this next panel!

Hello and thanks for joining me for the big climax of the day here in Hall H: the long-awaited Marvel panel!

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